Even though Amazing Space is no longer a brick and mortar store front, you can still find the same great furniture, accessories, rugs, lighting, and help with your space, at  Browse the entire site to get a feel for what’s available and the ways that I can assist you. You can preview the inventory and then decide if you’d like to make an appointment to view an item. PayPal, Cash, or personal local Check is accepted. The concept is easy…find quality, refurbished items to make your environment more of a reflection of you and you will LOVE coming home!

What you will find at AmazingSpace is furniture…Mid-century Modern, Hollywood Regency and Antiques with good bones…Accessories that add interest and surprise to a room…Lighting that can accentuate the space, both ON and OFF… Floor Coverings, from smooth to deeply textured, but comfortable under your feet… Art, that contributes impact and of course, that you LOVE.
Space Planning is about thoughtful design, making your home your own. I like to combine visual appeal, function, and flexibility, to guarantee a more lived in space. It all starts with filling out a simple questionnaire.

The AlterEgo approach is simply taking what you have and making it into something better. Rearranging rooms using your current furniture is very gratifying and also eco-friendly. A consultation can be finished in one day and you get to enjoy it immediately. Costs is $100 and up.

Color is not to be feared. Painting a room will totally change how you feel in it! Coming up with a plan can be a daunting task, but will save you money and frustration in the end. When color choices are carefully combined throughout a home, there is a new cohesiveness that unfolds from room to room. Inside or out, color, including white and black, will define your home and again, make it your own.

Feng Shui is simply placing things in your environment to allow for the chi (energy) to circulate in a moderate, even flow. When a room has positive chi movement, you feel more at ease in the space, more relaxed and nurtured. It’s a fascinating and rewarding way to re-design your home. Consultations are offered in two different ways.
Feng Shui One, is a walk through of your space and pointing out things that are blocking the chi or noting problems that can or will occur in different areas of life. Ways to correct problems will be explained. Cost is from $100 for one room or one hour and up.
Feng Shui Two, is a more comprehensive analysis with floor plans and written report with ways to implement change. Cost is $300 and up.
Real Estate Staging has become a necessity for most homeowners wanting to sell their home quickly. I do not stage empty houses but will help you fine-tune the rooms you are living in. Paring down, rearranging, and un-cluttering will help buyers see your home at its best. Sometimes just painting a few rooms can brighten the look and make them seem more current. It’s never a bad investment to improve your space. Cost is from $100 for one hour and up.

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