During my life I’ve studied science, architecture, design, body work, and energy concepts that have come together in an awareness. We truly are the sum of our different parts. I’ve always believed in pursuing paths that I’m passionate about and that led me to nursing, interior design, massage, feng shui, and an interest in the psychology of personalities. So why am I trying to write about all these diverse topics in one blog?  Years ago, while studying the body mind theory (the connection between our thoughts and our health), I started thinking about other things that create emotion in our brain, but with a more personal slant. Shapes, color, textures, light, make us respond in subtle and palpable ways, affecting our thinking, moods, productivity, even ability to simply relax. A certain color won’t cause the flu but it may give you a headache. A tiny room to one is distressing and to another womb like. In recent years many studies have proven the inside of buildings influence the inside of the mind. So I keep reading, observing, and trusting my gut, looking for hints and clues that can make my body, mind, and space more connected and healthy. Join me?

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